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Double click on the result and select it, and copy it by using (Ctrl+C) keys
on your keyboard
and and then paste it using the (Ctrl+V) keys to your text editor.

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What is

Color For HTML is a simple online tool to find out about the HEX code of your desired color to use for webpages.

Why do I need HEX codes?

While designing a webpage, you can use generic colors such as; white, green, blue, pink, red and so on. However, generic colors are only about a dozen, and after a while you will notice that you need different variations of colors, such as dark blue or light green and so on. In such cases, you will have to use a unique HEX code to tell the web browser how to display your desired color.

How does HEX code work?

There are millions of colors available on the web, a little over 16,7 million, to be exact. HEX codes are composed of 6 digits and there's a letter or a number on each digit. The HEX code starts with the # sign. So an example would be #000000 - which is the HEX code for absolute black. #FFFFFF on the other hand, is the code for absolute white. All other colors are somewhere between these 2 HEX codes.

How do I use a HEX code?

You just need to choose your HEX code above and place it after the color= section on your HTML code, such as <font color=#FF29D7>text</font> would correspond to -> text

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